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Upscale Tattoo studio with private vip rooms for guest artists, vips, or private tattoo parties / sessions. Located in the heart of downtown Englewood a city filled with shopping and restaurants, only 10 minuets from Manhattan.

Shop minimum is $120.

Tattoos near Teaneck, NJ

Why our shop?

Selecting your tattoo artist and shop is very important. Tattoos are permanent, and we want to make sure we pair you with the right artist for the style and design you are looking for. Our artists specialize in many different styles and are multi talented. A lot of our clients come from around the country, but we know distance is convenient, so listed below are just some of the areas around us where we think we're the right shop for you!


Here at Renaissance Tattoo Studio in Englewood, New jersey, we take special pride in our customer service and shop cleanliness. We care for our tattoos and clients. We strive to have unique, and awesome designs that fit your needs. We want you to love your tattoo.

cost for tattoo

Every tattoo is different, and so is every artist. Prices for tattoos range greatly depending on size, placement, design detail, style, how filled it is, and more.

Some designs come in a flat rate, and others are hourly.

Contact the shop or your artist directly to get an estimate, and if you have a budget, don't forget to mention it!


Shop Minimum is $120.

Tattoo Styles near Teaneck

There are many different tattoos styles. We have an artist for you, no matter what you're looking for. Here are some of the more popular styles.


American Traditional Tattoos - Also known as Old School, or American Classic Tattoos. Range from the classic tattoo icons like anchors to ships and much more.

The go to thought when you think of tattoos, American Traditional Tattoos consist of a simple color palette and bold outlines.


Black and Gray Tattoos - a style of tattooing that uses only black ink to produce different shades and boldness. Thought to have started in prisons in the 70’s and 80’s its become a very popular tattoo style. Black and gray can be tied in with some other styles as well; like realism, portraits, pop culture icons, dotwork, and geometric tattoos.


Black Work Tattoos - consist of solid shapes of black ink and bold lines. It is a very broad category, and composes of anything that just uses solely bold black ink with no shading. These can be composed of abstract patterns, shapes, though some feature recognizable figures blacked out or with bold outlines. Often times Tribal tattoos can be categorized as blackwork.


Cover Up Tattoos - Cover ups are tough, and require a lot of planning and skill, plus the right circumstances. If you have a tattoo you don’t want anymore our artists can help you figure out a way to cover it up with something better!


Dotwork Tattoos- a tattoo technique where tattoo artists use stippling for shading, and several dots to create a beautiful visual effect. Dot work typically uses black ink, grey ink, and sometimes red or white ink.


Geometric Tattoos - require a tremendous amount of technical and design skill. Geometrical tattoos deal with several lines, geometric shapes, or dots that come together to form an even bigger shape or design. This come come in many forms like leaves, stars, patterns, flowers, symbols, mandalas, abstract forms, and more. Most often, geometrical tattoos use black ink to create the forms. Our skilled artists have everything you need for that perfect geometry tattoo.


Japanese Tattoos - Traditional Japanese tattoos create body art from classic Japanese icons and mythological creatures such as dragons, kirins, and phoenixes. They are often similar styles to that of Japanese woodblock prints and take a lot of inspiration from old folklore. This style of tattoo is rich with Japanese historic styles, and uses dramatic smoke and waves to fill appearances for these masterpieces.


Lettering and Calligraphy Tattoos - one of the most popular styles of tattoos, especially in a script or calligraphy form. It comes in many styles from minimal text to graffiti, to bubble letters or calligraphy. Whether you are looking to add some text to an existing tattoo, get a name or a slogan, our artists are very versatile within this style and can get the job done right! Just be careful if you want to get your girlfriend or boyfriends name done.


Neo-Traditional Tattoos - As the name would imply, this is an evolution of the traditional tattoo style. It’s core revolves around traditional tattoos, with distinct line work, illustrative design, and vibrant colors, but it is influenced by new art, and uses a somewhat broader color pallet. Giving classic designs a modern twist with new elements like 3D or cartoon characteristics, Neo-Traditional has become wildly popular and our artists can design something great for you!


New School Tattoos - Unlike what the name implies, New School isn’t really too new. New School tattoos features an animated style that creates a cartoonish and wacky design often featuring caricatures or exaggerated figures. It often incorporates popular entertainment icons from pop culture. If you’re a fan of comics; anime; cartoons; TV Shows; and pop culture icons like Pusheen, Nyan Cat, or Gudetama, then this style is one for you!


Portrait Tattoos - Refined style and design, portraits of celebrities, family members, animals, or children. Portraits can create an awe inspiring design in color or black and gray. Portrait tattoos are one of the more popular tattoo styles, but also one of the more difficult ones to execute. Capture that special person or pet forever with our artists!


Realism Tattoos - Similar to portraits, this is a highly popular style that requires great skill and attention to detail. This is sometimes referred to as photorealism, and in art terms it is a detailed and accurate representation of real-life imagery replicated into body art. Let our artist capture the real world for you!


Watercolor tattoos - use bright vivid markings with a number of colors with subtle gradient techniques to create a gradual color fade. This is a delicate style and more fluid than traditional tattoos. They can appear chaotic, but there is a method to the madness, just like with watercolor paints.


15 Grand Ave

Englewood, NJ, 07631

(201) 408-5554

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